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Introducing Organic Plus

Introducing the Starwest Organic Plus™ Spice Collection – 24 exceptional culinary spices nurtured through regenerative farming methods & featuring our newly designed ‘zero-waste’ safety seal to reduce post-consumer plastic waste. Our global collaboration with organic farmers is at the forefront of pioneering the Regenerative Organic Certified movement, making a positive impact one seed at a time.

Why do we need Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Organic Certified® is built on three pillars: Soil Health & Land Management, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness, with required criteria for each.
Forecasts predict​

Global topsoils will deplete in 60 years at our current rate

Studies have proven

that conventional, agriculture contributes up to 25% of the emissions driving the climate crisis.

Regenerative Organic Systems

replenish topsoil levels, protect critical resources, and remove the dangers of chemicals in the food system.

What is Organic vs. Regenerative?

Organic is agriculture through omission. Regenerative is agriculture through addition.​
Scope Of PracticesMinimizes synthetic inputs like pesticides and fertilizers.Enhances the entire ecosystem with practices like soil regeneration, biodiversity promotion, and holistic land management
Soil Health ApproachFocuses on soil health through composting and crop rotation.Restores soil health comprehensively with methods like cover cropping, reduced tillage, and diverse plant species for enhanced organic matter and biodiversity.
Carbon SequestrationDoes not explicitly prioritize carbon sequestration.Emphasizes capturing and storing carbon in the soil to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions and increasing storage.
Ecosystem ServicesSupports certain ecosystem benefits.Actively fosters a more diverse and resilient environment, enhancing services like water retention, nutrient cycling, and wildlife habitat creation beyond organic standards.
Holistic ApproachFocuses on ecological practices with less emphasis on holistic thinking.Takes a holistic view, considering social, economic, and ecological aspects for a sustainable and regenerative farming system that extends beyond the farm itself.
To be truly regenerative, a system must consider all players in the farm system — from the soil microbiome to the animals to the workers. After all, farmers are the stewards of our lands, and with the power of regenerative organic agriculture, can completely change the direction of our future.
- Regenerative Organic Alliance

The Package Design

When we use the term ‘Organic Plus‘, it signifies our commitment to go beyond simply delivering premium regenerative organic spices. Our dedication extends to our packaging, where we’ve used a modern ‘zero-waste’ design. Unlike conventional options, our packaging eliminates non-recyclable plastic sifters and outer plastic shrink wrap. At Starwest, we’re not only serving exceptional flavors; we’re prioritizing sustainability every step of the way.

Social Impact:



At Starwest, our dream is an organic & regenerative planet, a planet that we serve as it serves us, feeding the earth that feeds us and leaving our world a better place than we found it.

With the Grow Your Dreams™ campaign, we are inviting our customers to play an active part in the regeneration of our ecosystems. When they scan the QR code on the bottle, they will then enter their information to receive a postcard full of wildflower seeds, ready to plant just as it is.

They will have space to inscribe their dreams on the card, plant it in the earth’s soil, and watch as the wildflowers bloom – giving new life to the earth, the pollinators and their own dreams.

Our History

Since 1975, Starwest has been a trusted brand for sourcing, manufacturing and processing organic botanicals, teas, herbs, and spices. Now, we’re elevating the standards again with Regenerative Organic Certified spices.

Why Starwest Botanicals?

As an industry leader in organic innovation, Starwest Botanicals stands at the forefront of the regenerative organic revolution. Since our establishment in 1975, we lead the Organic industry to certification and have consistently pioneered advancements in certified organic botanicals, teas, herbs, and spices along the way.

Our commitment to sustainable practices is unparalleled, with a global network of select farmers and organic agricultural engineers across over 50 countries, ensuring a diverse range of 500 plus organic botanical ingredients that are trusted by large brand names.

Walk through your local natural foods store and you’ll likely find Starwest Botanicals ingredients in the bulk bins… pick up any organic packaged goods in the grocery store and there’s a chance Starwest ingredients are inside.